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Stationpoint Photographic

Table for 1200

Created a fine dining experience for 1200 guests in a unique, secret location each year.

Project: Table for 1200 

Dates:   Annually 2015 - 2022
Client:   Storefront Manitoba
Role:     Event Producer
Duties:  Pre-production, on site execution.


Storefront's Table For 1200 brings together architecture, design, and the culinary arts to create a spectacular 'pop-up' outdoor dining experience in an absolutely unique setting. It is Storefront Manitoba's annual fundraiser, and aims to raise awareness about the value of architecture, design, and urbanism.


Each year, the event pops up in a secret location, announced to ticket holders only a few hours before the event. Guests arrive in all white, and decorate their tables with elaborate centrepieces and overhangs, before settling in to a multi course meal prepared by award winning chefs from Winnipeg’s culinary scene.


The table stretches almost a mile long, and no detail is overlooked, from the location, to the placement of each fork.


Stationpoint Photographic

Red Photo Co.

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