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Santa Claus Parade

Mike Peters Media

Planned and implemented all major logistics for the second largest Santa Clause Parade in Canada.

Project: Manitoba Hydro Santa Parade

Dates:   Annually 2017 - present
Client:   Winnipeg Parade Committee Inc.
Role:     Event Producer
Duties:  Pre-production, on site execution.


In 2017 I was contracted to plan and execute all of the major infrastructure logistics for the largest outdoor event in Winnipeg, bringing Santa Clause to a crowd of 60,000+

We were a team of two at the time when we inherited the parade from the previous organizer of 15+ years, and in addition to learning how to plan an event of this scale, we had to do a major overhaul of many dated internal processes and partnerships to bring the parade into the 21st century.


In the 3 years that followed, we set records in reopening city streets post parade with efficient and effective tear down measures, reinvigorated systems and outreach to encourage better floats, increased participation and raised $160,000 to build a brand new Santa Float which will outlive us.

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Mike Peters Media

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Mike Peters Media


Mike Peters Media


Mike Peters Media

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